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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 8, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PST

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, are you ready for the best videos and stories of the day? let's get started "right this minute." more adventure than he ever bargained for. >> a slight mishap, falling down a crevice. >> i would say most people call it a huge problem. >> a dramatic first person account from the man who survived. airport security is serious business, but this guy says new scanners are a joke. >> i'm sure the tsa will accuse
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me of aiding the tourists. >> a viral video threat or a public service? in japan, a new adventure is taking the quake out of earthquakes. >> that's like lifting up the house, sticking something under it and putting the house back down. >> it's like an air bag, if you will, for your house. >> look what nick found. >> this is just good tim allen kind of power. >> making confetti industrial style. guys, this next video is definitely a lesson in how to remain calm. who we are seeing is naval adventurer rod tristom. this is after rod fell 70 feet into a crevace while exploring into the antarctic. >> he's stuck there. >> calm enough to whip the camera out and talk about what's going on. >> a slight mishap. i have fallen down a crevice.
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>> a slight mishap. most people would call it a huge problem. >> it's about 70 people deep. i'm okay. >> talking about having trust in your team. he was part of the british services antarctic expedition, a five-man team. they were roped together for a five week mission. his team was able to rescue rob but he was down there for an hour and a half. rob is joining us right this minute to talk to us about this extreme rescue. >> we were coming back from the mountain called romdi, the highest mountain in the region. as we were traveling, i was leading the team, leading the rope. saw no problems at all. it's a piece of terrain we traveled across before. all of a sudden i just ended up in there. quite a sudden drop. >> what were you thinking as you were falling down? >> i've been down a few, never that big, though. usually you stop at your waist. when i didn't stop i realized it
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could be a problem. >> how did you remain so calm and composed? >> sounds really cheesy, but we've been trained for it for the last few years. >> what did you guys do right that made this turn out not to be life-ending for you. >> the guys, the four other team members did everything right completely. the whole area was unstable as it turned out. they explored the area around the hole, made themselves safe and set up a pulley system to lift me out. >> i understand this whole thing was an eight-week mission and this mishap happened on your final trek. is that kind of ironic? >> yeah. very. we had been chatting like that on the way back, felt very lucky up to that moment. very ironic. >> rob, thank you very much. we're glad you're okay. we think maybe your video should be shown to people who think they're having a bad day. >> feel free. a man fleeing from police
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crashed his suv. what you will see on dash cam video is how good samaritans help the police rescue this man this comes from my fox dfw. the incident started when the police tried to pull the driver over, and what they say was a traffic offense. they say the driver took off but the police did not give chase but the man crashed in this black suv. the officer himself first starts trying to get this call off this suspect. you see the people coming inside? they push the car up. watch what the officer does. he drags the man from underneath the car. now the suspect's legs were crushed. he was taken to the hospital and he later died. >> was anybody else injured in this accident? >> there was a passenger in the car. the passenger got out and took off. they're still looking for this person. >> isn't it crazy, the person in the car with this man didn't help. the people who had no idea who
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this man were trying to help. if the police arecoming after you, just pull over. the conquences could much worse. >> police say they saw in the car what they suspected were stolen goods. >> you guys familiar with those back scatter x-ray machines at the airport? >> like this? that's the one. >> the new body scanner program is nothing but a giant fraud. >> jonathan korbut is an engineer, he claims he claims he figured out a way to get things through those back scatter x-ray machines. he says they're useless. all you have to do is put what you want to smuggle through on the sides of your body. >> if you have a metallic object on your side t will be the same as the background and completely invisible. >> he claims he smuggled a small metal tin in a side pocket inside his shirt without any problems. >> i'm not about to win
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videoography awards for my hidden camera footage. you can watch as i walk through the security line. my camera gets put on the conveyor belt, when it comes out, i'm through and it never left my pocket. >> this guy is making a video about this so that every scary person on the planet will know how to smuggle a gun on a plane? >> aviation experts say what co korbut did was nothing. they say a small metal case is nothing. >> it could have been easily carrying razor blades or rocks of cocaine. if what this guy is saying is true, it brings the x-ray mans in question.
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>> talk about going viral this has gotten over 500,000 hits. it's only been up for a few days. >> the interest of tsa abuse is of interest to all americans. >> there's now technology out there that could help prevent structural damage during an earthquake. this was created by a japanese company. it's like an air bag, if you will, for your house. here's how it works. a sensor recognizes that the earth is shifting. and immediately, within a second, it sends a warning to this air bag system, which is placed under your home. it quickly fills up with air. and here comes the lift. it physically separates the home itself from the foundation. the water hshows you how much te earth would be moving if this was, in fact, an earthquake? >> is this only available for new homes or can you install this on existing homes?
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>> i'm pretty positive you can install this on existing homes. they are installing this up to 100,000 homes in japan. >> how do they do that with a home already existing? that's amazing. it's lifting up the house, sticking something under it and putting it back down. >> there's companies that move homes. >> maybe it's the same type of idea. maybe you can make your house hop like cars do. >> house hydraulics. >> yeah. this dude may not have been prepared for what was about to come. >> you can tell the guy is peeing his pants. he's probably sitting in his pee right now. >> the bobsled ride you got to say. >> the vibrating handle, a flashlight, a back scratcher. >> believe it or not this is an ad. we'll explain. >> t
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what do you do with all that pesky, bulky waste lying around the house? you shred it. you get one of ssi's industrial shredders. these monster machines can shred everything from pianos, to bowling balls, couches. they're awesome. but what happens when you got one of these bulky items that kind of floats on top of the blade? that won't shred. >> you can't jam it down in there? >> you can now, steven. they have the ssi ram stick. you have a big, bulky plastic drum like this, won't get down into the teeth. the ram assist will jam it down into the gull let of the shredder. watch that. the thing drops down. smashes it into the blade. >> yeah. >> it comes out like confetti on the other side. >> it works with big plastic drums like this. plastic pal lots that dance around on top. a little extra force. >> yeah. >> that is quite entertaining.
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>> i don't know why this is makinme giggle. i feel like you're trying to sell me one of these to put in my >> this is just good, tim allen kind of power. >> anyone else thinking about "fargo." a little bit. >> yeah. >> here's the ram -- >> i was not thinking about severed body parts, beth, no this is the ram cam this is what it looks like if you were with to go into the jaws of one of their shredders. >> oh, it stopped. >> yeah. >> and it makes you happy, beth. it also makes this guy quite happy. so happy he dances. >> nice. >> aw. >> keep shredding it on the dance floor. a video with the title man freaks out while riding blob sled needs no introduction. >> oh. >> this is the very beginning of a bobsled run in a ski area in france. you can see the fear in his face even before the run starts.
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>> poor guy. >> the best part is right about here when they finally let go. i mean screaming. begging for dear life. >> why did he agree to do it. >> he was psyching himself out before it started. i don't know why he just didn't pull the plug on it. >> his jaw is about to become unhinged because his mouth is so wide from screaming. >> i can't decide if i think this is real. i'm wondering if this is a group of guys who thought it was funny to make this gri look like he was scared to death. if that is not real fear, beth troutman, i don't know what it is you can tell the guy is peeing i had papee ing his pants. he's probably sitting in his pee right now. >> finally the ride comes to an end. look at his row action then.
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>> oh, my god, they start pulling him backwards. he freaks out more. >> he probably thinks this isn't over. they're going to do it again. >> if i was that ride attendant, i would be like ba! >> that's because you're evil. check out this sculpture. >> you dip a couple of french fries in it? >> that will make sense when you hear what it's made of. and it's the end of the game and both teams rush the court. >> the white team thinks they won because time expired. the red team thinks they won because they tipped in this basket at the last second. so who won? we'll clear up the confusion later.
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run of the really funny videos trending at is dollar shave, a promotional video for a new website that sells men's razors. you can sign up and get a monthly membership for men's razors. watch their ad. >> hi, i'm mike, founder of dollar shave for a dollar a month we send high quality razors to your door. are the blades any good? no. our blades are [ bleep ] great. you like spending $20 a month on brand-name razors? i'm good at tennis.
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if you think your razor needs a vibrating handle, a flashlight, a bash scratcher and ten blades, your grandfather had one blade and polio. and stop forgetting to buy your blades every months. we'll ship them right to you. >> love it. this is great. it's a great ad. the ad itself has gone viral. >> it's a good idea. i'll tell you why. because you ladies probably don't know this, but those stupid blade cartridge refills, super expensive. so for as little as a dollar a month, you can get a two-blade razor sent to your door, plus shipping and handling. for $6 a month, you get a better blade, a better handle. it's done automatically to your door. nick and i were talking about this, we agreed that we push the razor as long as you possibly go. it's supposed to last you a week. your seon for, like, six
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face. we are and the party is on. ♪ check out what this artist in japan did. this art installation is called "to the force" and it's made completely out of salt. this is on display at the open air museum in japan. this is by an artist, and he did this in memory of his sister. this is about man's relationship with nature and how at the end you return to nature. this took about two weeks to do, but they filmed some of it here's the interesting thing. at the end of the show, it ends march 11th, he wants people who come to see it to take the salt and return it back to the sea. >> oh. do you dip a couple of french fries in it first. >> after all those people walked on and touched it, would you want to eat that, beth? >> you can walk on it? the artists did.
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>> he had clean shoes. >> that's cool. >> he has worked with a medium of salt before. this isn't his first rodeo. >> i love it can you imagine somebody come walking in the big doors at the museum. breeze comes through. close the door! >> it looks like they bonded it with something, because some of it was crystallized salt. >> the stuff on the floor looks pretty delicate. sadly we're not always on tv. but don't worry, but we're always on full episodes of breaking news, great videos, always on ready, set, spike. the dog who could easily take on a volle
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♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ]
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i've never seen this done before. this video is a short film about the life and death of a soldier. >> this was created by an italian man named rigili rigilio villarese. he was born in florence, is an animator and artist. he combined these two things and created this video. >> so he paints his hand and it looks like figures. >> right. >> this is a little man driving. but look what he does to his arm.
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♪ >> his arm is the root so it looks like it's moving it. >> really creative. >> one of the most moving parts, he sees the wound and the soldier dies. look at the last shot that showcases the soldier's death and how he represents the funeral. that's amazing, right. >> he managed to give us a whole narrative, a plot, evoke emotion and he didn't have to hire any actors. it's just a hand. it's the time of the year where we see a lot of basketball fans rushing the court when their favorite hoop teams wins. >> march madness, baby. >> wait to you see what happens in canada. this is the british columbia lower mainland final high school basketball. this video was trending on yahoo! sports. the final seconds of the game between the st. george saints in red and the blue demons. they're in white. the blue demons work the ball around before finally passing it over. top of the key.
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he hits a three with a little under ten seconds to go. puts the team up by one. 57-56. time out is called and then to the inbound pass from the red team. this is with 9.1 seconds left. they're down one. watch what happens. you would think he just hit a buzzer beater, right? watch two of the referees. see this one here and this one here, they're going like this. no basket. the other referee called it good. this puts the red team up by one point. >> oh. >> now you're thinking, okay. who wins? so watch what happens. the white team thinks they won because time expired. the red team thinks they won because they tipped in this basket at the last second. >> oh! >> now you have fans of both teams celebrating, jumping with their team on the court. >> and they have not noticed ch other yet. that's what is so yeah. wait a minute. >> eventually the announcer comes on and says the basket is
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good. st. george is the winner. st. george is the team in red. watch what happens with the team in white? >> oh. >> what a bummer, out there celebrating with your team, high-fiving thinking you guys just won. no, you lost. all this celebration, all for naught. >> on the bright side of things, everyone in that gym for a moment got to experience a win. >> yeah. >> everyone. >> amazing ball bouncing. ♪
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we saw bikegenerally have the greatest bikes. this french rider decided he would do it on a vintage ladies bike. >> because doing these kinds of tricks just isn't tough enough. >> right. >> this is the bike right here. nice and vintage. good looking. a little rusty. >> is a good looking bike. >> jumps on the bike. takes it for a spin and first trick. right off the bat fails. >> it's a good thing it was a ladies bike. he bent it in half. >> he bent it in half. but when you're creative, you fix it. >> that's pretty impressive. >> a couple other failures. he busts the wheel. he manages to pull off some cool stunts on this old vintage bike. he's riding downslope on the front wheel backwards. >> falls off again.
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i will eat those flowers. >> well, when this guy gets back on his bmx ebmx-er bike, it wil easier to pull off the tricks after using this ancient one. >> i hope he put shock absorbers in his hands. >> so this goes to prove, it's not so much the equipment, it's your skills. >> ul humm-hmm. he pulled that off pretty amazingly. that's it for us at "right this minute." we'll leave you with one more look at giant shredder in action. enjoy it. we'll see you tomorrow, everybody. ♪
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